Join the Club!

General Info:
You are welcome to join us on a few rides before we ask for all your paperwork and club dues. If money is an issue, please contact us, we'll work with you.

We suggest riding with us a few times before you make up your mind on cycling. Cycling can be intimidating on your first time (out of shape, not used to traffic, etc), give it a good try and you will see quick improvements!


-To join FSU Cycling, you must be a full or part time student at Florida State University.
-To race collegiately, you must be a full time student at Florida State University
-And finally, you need to pay yearly club dues. (Helps us operate the club)
-No cycling experience is needed to join, we can teach you!

What you need:
-A bicycle
-A helmet
-Dedication to ride!

-Club E-mail List
-Club T-Shirt
-Club Emergency Safety Plan 
-Club Discounts (Shops, and Cycling Products that we get deal on)
-Cycling Kit priced at cost
-Free to join once a semester Club Social Ride (Ride plus picnic food that the club provides)
-Free Entry to FSU hosted races only
-**Race Team Only** - Race Entry Fees paid for collegiate races only.

Steps to Joining the Club:
1) Fill out FSU Cycling Club Application 
Click Here

2) Fill out a Sport Club Waiver 
Online Waiver
**Waiver Guide**

3) Purchase a membership, Click Paypal Button Below:

Please submit any questions to Padraic Elliott at