Join the Club!

The information below is currently outdated.
We're working on official memberships, kits, etc, but for right now, we're organizing group rides and getting the word out about the club. Feel free to email us ( or see our Facebook page for scheduled rides.

General Info:
You are welcome to join us on a few rides before we ask for all your paperwork and club dues. If money is an issue, please contact us, we'll work with you.

We suggest riding with us a few times before you make up your mind on cycling. Cycling can be intimidating on your first time (out of shape, not used to traffic, etc), give it a good try and you will see quick improvements!


-To join FSU Cycling, you must be a full or part time student at Florida State University.
-To race collegiately, you must be a full time student at Florida State University
-And finally, you need to pay yearly club dues. (Helps us operate the club)
-No cycling experience is needed to join, we can teach you!

What you need:
-A bicycle
-A helmet
-Dedication to ride!

-Club E-mail List
-Club T-Shirt
-Club Emergency Safety Plan 
-Club Discounts (Shops, and Cycling Products that we get deal on)
-Cycling Kit priced at cost
-Free to join once a semester Club Social Ride (Ride plus picnic food that the club provides)
-Free Entry to FSU hosted races only
-**Race Team Only** - Race Entry Fees paid for collegiate races only.

Steps to Joining the Club:
1) Fill out FSU Cycling Club Application 
Click Here

2) Fill out a Sport Club Waiver 
Online Waiver
**Waiver Guide**

3) Purchase a membership.

Please submit any questions to Padraic Elliott at