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This year the club saw a growth with many new and dedicated members, such as Lambda Chi VP Chris Sandelli (who started biking due to high gas prices), Chris Carhart, Sean Smith, Josh Valentine, Melanie Burns, Stacey Zbiciak, Collin Watts, Jeff Vivo, Leigh Graziano, Liz Gerrity, David Friedt, Jason McArthur, and Savannah Sill.  It also saw the come back of Nat King and Bryan Caughey (injured from the previous year).

The team also redesigned the team kit that was inspired by the Cervelo Test-Team jersey and utilizing the FSU Spears everywhere.  The final design was mocked up by Elray Designs and includes a new bike shop sponsor, Great Bicycle Shop (GBS).

The team competed in most of the collegiate MTB season with Bryan Derstine qualifying for Collegiate Nationals in Angel Fire, NM.

Derstine and Erich Kopp heavily competed in the Florida Cyclocross Series with Derstine finishing the season off in the top 3 in the Mens A and Kopp winning the Mens B division for the season.

FSU Cycling hosted its first road race in years, utilizing the classic Havanna Hills RR course and the Sleepy Hollow crit course.  The road team, largely composed of Men's C, was led by Derstine (Men's A) and Jack Tomassetti (Men's B).  Standout performances came from Sandelli, Vivo, and Valentine all getting great results.  The team enjoyed many race weekends together, especially at Clemson.  Derstine qualified for Collegiate Road Nationals in Madison, Wi.

The club secured funding from the school at the end of the year after a year of keeping on top of paperwork for a full year.   The club received $950 to pay for conference and nationals race fees and a cycling stationary trainer.

President - Bryan Derstine
Vice-President - Jack Tomassetti
Secretary - Brad McDonald
Treasurer - Chris Mojock

 Andrew Borger
 Austin Boyle 
 Brad Andringa 
 Brad McDonald 
 Bryan Caughey 
 Bryan Derstine 
 Chip Young 
 Chris Carhart 
 Chris Mojock 
 Chris Sandelli 
 Collin Watts 
 Erich Kopp 
 Erik Sunset 
 Ethan Smith 
 Hugh Clayton Anderson 
 Jack Tomassetti 
 Jason McArthur 
 Jeffrey Vivo 
 Joshua Valentine 
 Justin Dickieson 
 Kristen Baker 
 Kyle Nagy 
 Landon Stafford 
 Leigh Graziano 
 Liz Gerrity 
 Matthew Ramirez 
 Melanie Burns 
 Michael Siefried 
 Nathaniel King 
 Ruston Keeton 
 Ryan Darling 
 Ryan Mix 
 Savannah Sill 
 Sean Smith
 Stacey Zbiciak 
 Ted Barnettt 
 Thomas De Francesco 
 Thomas Twomey 
 Tyler Shelton 
 Zachary Pena